Music and Musicians

Kohler Music - The rest of my very musical family!

Boulevard Music

- A very cool music store in Culver City, CA. I also teach piano there...

Music Villa - A very cool music store in Bozeman, MT.

Sam Kohler - My nephew, who also happens to be a talented composer!

Alex Platt - Excellent drummer and instructor!

Joselyn Wilkinson - Songwriter extraordinaire and lovely human being!

Deirdre Egan - Songwriter, guitarist, harpist and vocalist, she's amazing!

Javier Vergara - Saxophonist extraordinaire!

Resources for Artists

Mark Mandell - Great Piano Tuner in the LA area!

Artists Edge ~ Debra Russell - This Life Coach will change yours!

Taxi - Vehicle between the song and the paycheck.

Facade - Free tarot, runes, numerology and I Ching.


Alvin Huntsman - Photographs of the wild and strange.

Salvatore Vasapolli - Photographs of nature and beauty.


Maurene J Hinds - Children's author and creative writing instructor.

Brenda Warren - A new poem most every day!

Pilots and Airplanes

Summit Aviation - Where I learned to fly in Bozeman, MT.

Patty Wagstaff - My heroine and excellent aerobatic pilot.


Kings and Clowns - Arts Alive after school music, drama and art program.

Vigilante Theatre Company - All original musical comedies, touring the northwest based in Montana.

Sweet Pea Festival - A Festival of the Arts in Bozeman, MT.

Montana Shares - It's about giving back.