Kate Kohler's Discography

unexpectedkatekohlersm Unexpected Romance is Kate's most recent album.

Kate Kohler ~ Gentle Imaginative Piano Music Lullabies for Grownups ~ The Moon

"Kate Kohler's "Moon" is not your typical, simplistic, new age fare.  Her compositions are complex enough to engage our minds, while the beautiful melodies sooth and serenade our emotions.~ Debra Russell, Artist's Success Coach

"Moon is a luscious, meditative, musical landscape; perfect for the ebb and flow of bodywork." ~ Alyson Hurlbutt, Massage Therapist

"The calming melodies create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed and productive work environment, helping to minimize stress and generating a positive flow of creative energy.~ Maurene J. Hinds, Children's Author/Writing Instructor

Kate Kohler ~ Gentle Imaginative Piano Music Lullabies for Grownups ~ Stars

"From the moment I listen to Kate's music I feel inspired and uplifted. What a gift for a mother and her baby to hear as they start a new life together." ~ Gilli Stuppel, Acupuncturist & Childbirth Doula

"Kate's 'Stars' airdropped us into our favorite mountain spring meadow with wild flowers, waterfall mist, and breezes. We sit next to each other by the fire, our souls connect. Life is vivid, luminous, and exquisite serenity is revealed." ~ Anna-Pia & John Hubacher, Pantheon Research

Kate Kohler ~ Gentle Imaginative Piano Music Lullabies for Grownups ~ Clouds

"Lovely--simply lovely.  Kate's music lulls you into a state of comfortable relaxation.  She has authored an experience for the listener to hear her story or for the listener to weave their own.  It reminds me of the summer days of my childhood--lying on my back gazing at the clouds--letting my mind and spirit wander.  A delicious reminder for each of us to simplify and relax.  Enjoy!" ~ Mary M. Bertagnolli, Licensed Acupuncturist

"Kate Kohler's piano compositions are the perfect authentic recipe to induct one into deep transformative relaxation, whether on the massage table or taking savasana.  They assist in opening up the wing of the deep to travel deep within the self." ~ Rabia Bellante, Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor

Kate Kohler ~ Songs for Voice and Piano Dangerously Beige

"Sometimes, there are questions, and no answer will suffice. You just take action, and are willing to pay the price. Listen, to your heart!" ~ Kate Kohler, Dangerously Beige

kate kohler ~ songs for piano and voice elusive victory

A piano that wails in a Tori Amos, hard-rain style, then veers into avant-garde jazz, then into a gentle New Age caress, [and a voice that] is throaty and melodious, like the sound a tiger-lily would make if it had the power of song. ~Erica Parfitt, The Missoulian

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