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Thank you, one and all, for helping me get the word out and fund my new album! If you didn't get to participate in the kickstarter campaign, it's not too late to order your own copy, and the more money I raise, towards this project, the more extra special things I can do, like youtube videos and bonus tracks...

Just click on the paypal "donate" link here and fill in the amount and tell me what reward you would like to receive!

$15 for a digital download of the album or $25 for either a CD or a USB drive of the album were by far the most popular rewards!

You can still visit the kickstarter page if you want some other options. Or donate what you think is fair and make up your own reward...I've got other albums and staff paper notebooks, I'll even come do a concert in your backyard for the right amount!

I am planning to deliver the album into your ears in August!


Relieved and grateful!




Kick to Start

I've launched my kickstarter campaign for my next album. I hope I can count on you to pre-order your copy. There are love songs, a Valentine's Day song, there are creepy Halloween songs, songs about life and rainy days, and a song about the color blue... There will even be a few jazz standards!

You can preorder a CD or a USB drive of this music project, by going to my kickstarter campaign. The funds will go towards producing the final product and a few more recording sessions (which will probably include a trip to Montana). I'm so lucky that I am able to have my brother, Rob as my engineer, and so my costs are low for this project, but I do need your help to finish recording the tracks and to produce the final product.

If nothing else, please watch the video, there's a cute cat and a adorable crazy dancing girl!


Lullabies For Grownups on YouTube

30+ minutes of Lullabies on a YouTube playlist. Watch. Relax. Nap. Meditate. Enjoy!

Just added 2 more Lullabies from Lullabies For Grownups ~ Stars! 072414

You can buy the digital downloads of my Lullabies for Grownups series directly from me!Thanks!

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