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Wake Up! Songs for a Rainy Day

It's finally available to everyone! Soon it will be on iTunes and CDBaby, but in the meantime buy it directly from me!

Wake Up! consists of my newest original compositions with my unique piano and voice performance. It and also includes some jazz standards and a Valentine's song written by my brother Rob Kohler. Some amazing performances from other musicians as well: Rob Kohler, my engineer, bass player, noise maker and drummer, Javier Vergara on saxophone, Lee Kohler plays piano on a few tracks, and my very own mother Marjorie Kohler plays the organ on one of the Halloween tracks. That's right, there are two Halloween songs on this album, Halloween Tango and Mysterious Man. Oh, and there's a Christmas song (hint, hint, gift...)!

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Wake Up! Songs for a Rainy Day ~ Kate's 7th album and 4th Jazz-tinged pop album.

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My Funny Valentine

021414    For me, Valentine’s Day wasn’t ever really about romantic relationships. In my first family we celebrated our family. I got cards and candy for and from my brothers and my parents. I’m pretty sure it was my father’s favorite holiday. He loved to give funny cards and share candy and laughter. I remember my brother’s trying to outdo each other with the size and humorousness of their cards. I loved it, too!

Our cultural messages surrounding Valentine’s Day seem to be those of having a lover or a spouse. I guess I never got that memo, because I still prefer sharing the love with ALL of my loved ones, and I’m grateful for that.

Thanks, Dad! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Historical information about Valentine’s Day:'s_Day

Celebrate Anna Howard Shaw Day (thank you, Liz Lemon!):