Composer, pianist, vocalist, educator, and pilot, Kate is an advocate of fearlessness and music. She is an active composer, performer and recording artist. In 2011 she released her 6th solo CD Unexpected Romance, a poignant and uplifting collection of original songs for voice and piano. Before she moved to LA from Montana she composed a series of 3 New Age piano CD’s for her acupuncturist called Lullabies for Grownups.

She currently teaches mostly-piano lessons at her private studio and at Boulevard Music in Culver City. Kate performs her own original songs around Los Angeles, plays classical and jazz piano, sings jazz and barbershop whenever the opportunity arises, and writes songs for film and television.

elusive victory ~ kate kohler 2002
“A piano that wails in a Tori Amos, hard-rain style, then veers into avant-garde jazz, then into a gentle New Age caress, [and a voice that] is throaty and melodious, like the sound a tiger-lily would make if it had the power of song.” ~Erica Parfit, The Missoulian

“Kate Kohler’s “Moon” is not your typical, simplistic, new age fare.  Her compositions are complex enough to engage our minds, while the beautiful melodies sooth and serenade our emotions.“ ~ Debra Russell, Artist’s Success Coach

“Lovely–simply lovely.  Kate’s music lulls you into a state of comfortable relaxation.  She has authored an experience for the listener to hear her story or for the listener to weave their own.  It reminds me of the summer days of my childhood–lying on my back gazing at the clouds–letting my mind and spirit wander.  A delicious reminder for each of us to simplify and relax.  Enjoy!” ~ Mary M. Bertagnolli, Licensed Acupuncturist